About Us

Audio Data Lab (ADL) was founded in 1979 by Mr. Ingemar Ohlsson.

During the initial years ADL specialized in design, maintenance and repair services of professional audio equipment, design services of recording studios, and sound measurements for the audio industry.

In the 80's we stopped servicing audio equipment in order to focus on acoustics and building acoustics. In the mid 90's we became Sweden's leading acoustic designer of recording studios and control-rooms.

During the last 20 years we have expanded our services in the field of traditional acoustic consultation. We are often engaged in larger projects such as shopping-malls, multiplex cinemas and musical education facilities. Often we take on the role as the project's main consultant of audio, acoustics and building-acoustics.

Credit Worthiness

Our company has an AA rating, which signifies high creditworthiness according to the Soliditet evaluation system, which is based on approximately 2,400 decision parameters. This information is completely up to date and is refreshed daily via the Soliditet database.
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